Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Metropolis Organism - film - 1974

The Metropolis Organism, B&W film made in 1974. It looks at earth and cities from the perspective of a distant interstellar scientist. The narrator is a conceptual professor lecturing his class on the discovery of a new organism: The Metropolis Organism.

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Michel said...

Hi Frank,

Thank you for posting an excerpt of Metropolis Organism on your web site. Re-screening is akin to re-reading a good book: fulfilling. I saw it when it premiered, at the NFB studio on Metropolitain - as well as Montreal Main. We met at one of these screenings but did not converse much.

Like hundreds of francos on a small budget, I had recently moved to the metropolis from a very small village to attend UofM. Montreal Main was influential in framing my understanding of the Western side of the biggest organism I had ever been exposed to.

Thank you also for sharing your reflexions on the Limits of Science and the work of K.R. Popper.

Yes, we expect too much from science. Alas, vast ignorance flows feed much of this reservoir of expectations; flows too often channelled by, and for the principal benefit of a few to the demonstrable detriment of the many.